About The Adventure Photographer Photo Collection

Barry Boscoe grew up in West Los Angeles where he developed an appetite for adventure. Early on he began exploring the mountains of California taking 50 to 100 mile hikes throughout the Sierras, most of the time having just a compass and map and blazing his own trail. His quest for adventure took him into the underwater world through Scuba Diving. Barry was one of the early recreational users of rebreathers, also know as Closed Circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Up to that time rebreathers were primarily used by the military. The use of a rebreather gave Barry the ability to get extremely close to his underwater subjects and it allowed him to remain underwater for several hours at a time.

Barry's photography has taken him to over 100 countries and into some of the most remote and adventurous parts of the world such as the jungles of Papau New Guinea, Irian Jaya, all over Micronesia, the top end of Australia, Africa and the Far East to name just a few of the exotic destinations.

Through out his professional career as a photographer he would travel the world diving and photographing his unique adventures and animals below the surface of the oceans. His photography has led him into the interior of many of the countries where he began to photograph indigenous people, often times living with them in their huts.

Barry's photographs have appeared in numerous magazines and books. He has worked with production companies shooting for World of Wonder, Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. He has filmed Great White Sharks in Africa, Giant Mantas in Mexico, the headhunting tribes, Huli and Dani, in Papau New Guinea and Irian Jaya. He has traveled to the top end of Australia to find lost rock art of the Aboriginal tribes and document it along with his travels to Alaska to film the Grizzly bears.

Barry feels that his most important contribution as a photographer is to capture the essence of the moment and preserve it for future generations to see.